Measured Science

Measured Science

Are you interested in being a featured guest on Measured Science, or do you have suggestions for topics of interest? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a seat or share your ideas.

Andrew Storey, LECO Field Sales Specialist for Materials Analysis, sits down with Farai Rukunda, LECO's newly appointed Director of Separation Science Customer Success. We're celebrating "Fa-rai Day" as we learn about Farai's passions for customer success at LECO, and the support of education in Zimbabwe.   Interested in Separation Sciences? Explore our Separation Science solutions today. Read more...
In the inaugural episode of "Measured Science," hosts Andrew Storey, LECO Field Sales Specialist for Materials Analysis, and Matt Germscheid, LECO Metallographic Product Manager, interview recent LECO retiree David Coulston. Coulston served as LECO's Corporate Metallurgist for 15 years and shares experiences of a technology-enhanced career in Metallurgy. Read more...

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