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TF Series Tube Furnaces

The LECO Cornerstone® TF Tube Furnaces are versatile, energy-efficient resistance furnaces designed for baking crucibles to reduce contaminants that would interfere with analytical results.


  • Long-life molybdenum disilicide heating elements have an operating temperature range of 800 °C to 1350 °C
  • Integrated digital furnace controller displays set point or actual temperatureand provides overtemperature protection
  • TF4 Quad Tube Furnace system has six heating elements
    • Allows operator to burn off crucibles in four combustion tubes for demanding, high-volume installations supplying two to four units
  • TF2 Dual Tube Design has four heating elements
    • Efficiently supplies lower volume installations of one to two systems

Theory of Operation

The table below illustrates the impact of preheating 528-018 Crucibles on carbon and sulfur results of a high purity iron reference material certified at 5 ppm carbon and 2 ppm sulfur (1250 °C for 15 min).

tf crucible blank furnace comparisons

The new furnace design and increased crucible capacity use 60% less energy than the previous models for significant savings inoperating costs. The chart below exhibits the differences in operating costs while operating the various systems at 1350 °C, considering continuous operation with a full load of crucibles.
tf tube furnace efficiency comparison

TF Series Details

TF Series Tube Furnaces - LECO TF Series - CS-Sort Scientific Analytical Instruments -  -
  • TF4 Quad Tube Furnace
  • TF2 Dual Tube Furnace

Product Literature
TF4/TF2 Series [PDF]
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